Glitter Fun Ornament Tutorial


Santa Glitter Ornament

I had some fun yesterday playing with glitter and here is the result!  I think these glitter ornaments are so cute and they are so easy and fun to make.  I bought my large clear glass ornaments at Michael’s, 4 to a pack for $4.49.  And I am happy to say I actually used a coupon, now that I have the coupons on my phone, I always have one!  I added a little grosgrain ribbon and ribbon slider to make this one a santa.  These ornaments are really easy to make, so if you have never made one of these, you should give it a try!

Materials List

Clear ornament, can be glass or acrylic

Floor Wax, I used Pledge Future Shine.  You can use the wood or tile and vinyl finish, just make sure it is a finish, not a cleaner.

Glitter, I used ultra-fine

Stampin’ Up! 1/4 inch Basic Black Grosgrain Ribbon

Stampin’ Up! Ribbon Slider (I only had a white one on hand, a gold or bronze one that is not a flower would probably look better!)


1.  Remove the hanger cap from the ornament, add a little of the floor wax and swirl to coat the entire inside of the ornament.  Try not to get too many bubbles, because this can leave a bare spot.  Drain the excess back into the bottle.

2.  Add the glitter.  I used a small funnel which I wiped with a dryer sheet to keep the glitter from sticking.  You can also use a paper funnel.  Gently turn the glitter inside the ornament to coat the inside, you may need to add more glitter.  Empty the excess glitter back into the container.

3.  Decorate as desired or leave them as is, they are gorgeous even without any decoration!  Let the ornament dry overnight before inserting the hanger back in and you are done.  See, I told you it was easy!

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  1. Thanks for posting the tute! I’ve done these with paint with my Girl Scouts years ago, but the glitter raises the bar! And I think that flower slider is fine. 😉

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