Custom Rhinestone Designs Silhouette Studio DE Tutorial


Rowing in Rhinestones

This is my first time playing with the Rhinestone feature in my Silhouette Studio Designer Edition Software and I am having so much fun!  I really want to make a t-shirt like this for my daughter’s regattas, but she is less than thrilled at the prospect of me walking around Boston wearing this.  Actually, it was more like she will never speak to me again if I wear this shirt!  Oh well, I think it’s cute and it sure was fun to design.

To make my custom rhinestone design, I imported this logo into Silhouette Studio:

NCAA 2011 Rowing Championships Logo

As you can see, the logo has a solid white background that I need to get rid of.  To do this, I selected Trace and highlighted the entire logo, adjusted the High Pass Filter until the entire image was yellow and selected Trace Outer Edge:

Select Trace with High Pass Filter

I then selected Trace Outer Edge and moved the copy to the right:

Outer Edge Traced and Separated

The next thing I have to do is get rid of the writing at the bottom of the logo.  I did this by selecting Modify, Release Compound Path and deleting the part of the logo I didn’t want and remaking the Compound Path.  Now I just had the outline of the rower that I want to fill with Rhinestones. To do this, I highlight the design, select Object, Rhinestones, 10ss Rhinestone Size and Linear Fill.  I then went to Fill Color and selected black. The result is a custom design ready to cut with my Cameo!

Rhinestone Filled Design

From this point, you can customize your design however you want.  In my design, I changed the rhinestone colors and added the text using the Text to Path Feature.  This was my very first time working with the rhinestone feature in Silhouette Studio DE, so there may be others ways to do this, but this is what worked for me.  Have fun designing your own rhinestone designs!


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  1. she may be embarrassed. But I think it was awesome. she just has a mom who is very proud of her child . nothing wrong with that

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