It’s August, My Baby Girl’s Birthday Month!


My Beautiful Brown-Eyed Girl!

It’s August, my daughter’s birthday month!  And yes, she celebrates for the ENTIRE month!  This year’s birthday is a tough one for me, my baby is turning 20.  And while I am so proud of the young lady she has become, I miss the child that she was.  I miss her spontaneous hugs and kisses, her sweet little giggles and impish grin.  She has been a joy to raise and I am grateful for her every day of my life!   I love my beautiful, brown-eyed girl!



At the Beach

My Baby Girl, All Grown Up!





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  1. What a gorgeous young woman your daughter has become! August is a big birthday month in my family as well, with my son and his oldest daughter both celebrating birthdays this week!

  2. We just celebrated 3 birthdays in our home in July! I could have blogged about it and found a way to sneak my family in the blog too! I love adding personal touches to my blog… I am glad you do too! Kathi

  3. It truly does go by so fast!! My oldest turned 15 this past April and I gave birth to my baby boy the day before-so both of my boys were born almost exactly 15 years apart!!

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