Two Tip Tuesday: Just Say No to the Trash Can!

English: A typical office trash can

Oh no, not the trash can!  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nothing bothers me more than the thought of a card I’ve made being tossed in the garbage can!  Today’s tips are ways to help ensure your card doesn’t end up in the dreaded trash can, at least no right away.  My first tip is to make your card reusable.  I do this by stamping or printing my sentiment on a panel attached to the inside of the card with repositionable adhesive.  If the card is going to someone new to my cards, I print in small letters at the very bottom, “This panel is removable so that this card may be reused.”

Another tip to get more milage from your cards is to make the elements removable so that they can be used in scrapbooks.  The matted Penguin and sentiment on the card below were both mounted with repositionable adhesive so that they can easily be removed and added to a scrapbook page.  I do this for all the kid cards that I send!

So those are just a couple of tips to get more longevity from your cards and hopefully avoid the circular file, at least for a little while.  If you have any tips to add, I would love to hear them!


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  1. Those are some very cute focal points. I never throw away cards even my mistakes or ones i didnt like originally. I just cannabilize them for something else ❤

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