Two Tip Tuesday, Happy Accidents


Welcome to the second installment of Two Tip Tuesday.  Today I am going to talk about ways to turn mistakes into what I like to call happy accidents.  I probably have misstamps more often than most stampers, I broke my right wrist ten years ago and still have some lingering weakness, so I am always looking for ways to use my oops images.  My favorite way to use a misstamped image is using the Silhouette Technique featured on my Moonlit Swan, PSX Sailboat Silhouette, and Dolphin Sunset Silhouette cards.  This technique works really well for images that have issues within the outline of the image.  It is a very easy technique using a Sharpie Marker to fill in the outline.  I have tried other brands of permanent markers, but found that the Sharpie offers the best coverage and darkest black.

Another trick I like to use is the Crop It Technique.  Here is an example of a cropped image, alongside the full size image.











For my cropped image, I did not get a clean stamped line on the flower on the right of the image.  Rather than throw it away, I layered various dies over the image until I found the one that optimized the cleanly stamped part of my image.  I cut the image, colored and matted it and it is ready to mounted on a card base.

What about when the oops is outside the image outline?  Well in that case, you either have to cover the mistake with another element or pull out your paper snips or craft knife and cut away!  The PSX Bird of Paradise image in this post was watercolored, but the background looked horrible, with some areas turning a muddy brown from the mixing of colors.  Sometimes the only way to salvage an image is to cut it out!


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  1. Beautiful work with these stunning tiger lilies!! I never throw anything out, either! There is always a fix!

  2. I know about happy accidents . I just call them design features. just the other day I had the card opening to the right instead of the left(normal) so everything before i realized it was upside down. once i realized it, I laughed, right sided it and just finished the card. on the inside i put the greeting on the left side . LOL thanks for the tips

  3. Gorgeous card and fabulous coloring. I can’t imagine any Ooops on those. It is so great that you are creative enough to find a way to salvage your work.

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